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Public Reference Section are some of the services that provide a wide variety of books including a collection of reference dictionary, encyclopedia, a collection of maps and so on. All necessary information can be obtained by accurate, fast and especially for public use.





The purpose of this part is to enable the public and the students find materials for information while also maintaining traditional reading.





      1. Ensure that library services available to consumers right on schedule.

      2. To provide a courteous, friendly, efficient and excellent in meeting the information needs of its readers.

      3. Ensure that reading materials on the shelves in an orderly manner in accordance with the arrangements set before the library opened to consumers every day.

      4. Ensure all given to reference inquiries within 10 minutes.




      1. This section provides academic books as a reference. Provided materials can not be borrowed, but the user can make a photocopy of the section that provides the service for a fee at the prevailing rate.

      2. For some cases the material may be borrowed with approval from the Head of Reader Services to be signed by the officer but first must inform the staff on duty.

      3. The staff ready to advise and consultation to consumers to facilitate the search of materials needed to accurately and quickly.

      4. Provided materials arranged by Dewey Decimal System Reclassification. Examples include General Work (OOO), philosophy and ideology (100), Religion (200) and others.


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