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Introduction The Malacca Collection


The collection of Malacca is a special gathering place library materials related to the State of Malacca or about people, whether in the form of any language or form of a book, in and outside the country and written by writers in or out of Malacca.






This part works to acquire and store the material in respect of Malacca which includes all types of materials including books, articles, magazines, manuscripts, pamphlets, reports, papers, seminars, theses, annual reports and other materials in all subject matters.





1. Build a Malacca Collection that reflects the State Heritage that needs to be kept and preserved for research and reference purposes.


2. Giving awareness that more people are concerned about the history, culture and customs of Melaka State





      1. Trying to increase and build a complete collection of Malacca and can be stored for research and reference purposes.

      2. Towards maintaining the nation's cultural heritage

      3. Explore the historical information being eroded through time.

      4. Undertake efforts that society cares about history, culture and customs of Malacca



Placement and Use


All Collections materials are cataloged and classified Malacca and it is stored in a special room that is restricted to researchers only.





Importance of building the collection and systematic berkomprehensif Malacca will guarantee preservation of cultural heritage and intellectual as well as guarantee the availability of state resources for the purpose of information and research about the state of Malacca.



Category Materials For Malacca Collection


      1. All material printed / published in and outside the State of Melaka on all aspects and affairs of the State of Malacca or the people.

      2. Written materials, printed and published by the Malacca-born or resident in the state of Malacca.

      3. All reading materials printed / published in Malacca no matter the form or the language used.





Types of Materials

All information on Malacca collected in Malacca Collection Division either in printed or non-printed (recording). Some of the material contained in this section are: -



- Periodicals
- Seminar Reports & Papers
- Rare Books
- Thesis
- Books
- Audio Visual
- Handouts / Official Documents the Government
- Press Release




Personage collection of Malacca


Malacca Collection section also keeps Private Collection selected figures state that largely contributed to the Malacca State in socio-economic, political and religious. Most of the material stored in this section is attributed to the character and PERPUSTAM welcome contributions from individuals to submit material to this part of their collection. Collection stored in this section is like a book and their writings. Among the private collections are: -



  • - Datuk A Samad Said
  • - Profesor Datuk Dr. Abdul Latiff Abu Bakar
  • - Datuk Borhan Md. Yaman
  • - Mokhtar Yassin
  • - Datuk Haji Ahmad Abdullah
  • - Noor SM
  • - Baharam Azit
  • - Aladin Mohamad





List of Materials Available In Malacca Collection



  • - Total of Book                              = 4290 books
  • - History Collection                        = 1445 books
  • - Thesis                                        = 188 books
  • - Album                                        = 112 books
  • - Working Paper                            = 414 books
  • - Video Tape                                 = 231 units
  • - Dvd                                            = 214 units
  • - Personage collection                   = 13 people




Rule using the services of Malacca Collection Division


  1. Users and researchers who want to use this section to bring PERMISSION LETTER from the school / IPT / employer.

  2. Consumers and researchers are required to fill the available reference if you wish to make a study and reference.

  3. Materials in Malacca Collection Division only for REFERENCE only.

  4. Collection of reference materials Malacca DO NOT be taken out except by leave of the staff on duty.

  5. Users and researchers who want to make a photocopy of the required FILL provided. Please attach identification card.

  6. Once you make a photocopy of the user must return the material to the Malacca Collection Division for review by staff on duty.

  7. Users are also required to place the references to the original place.




Opening Hours

Monday - Thursday
9.00 am - 5.00 pm 
9.00 am- 5.00 pm

Friday Break
12.15 pm - 2.45 pm
Sunday & Public Holiday








Beginning May 3, 2005 (Tuesday), all students who wish to make reference in Malacca Collection Division for Local Studies Project (Folio) school MUST include a letter from their school for record purposes.
For students of IPTA / IPTS did they MUST bring student card / matrix.
The absence of the letter and card from the date specified above will not be allowed to use the facilities provided in the reference section.


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