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To ensure the smooth running of the library administration and organized, Malacca Public Library provides a number of rules. These regulations are also designed to ensure the comfort of the user library and public order.

Malacca Enactment Public Library provides legal actions on individuals who try to disturb other library users. Some of these rules are:



  1. Please leave the bags, files, helmets, umbrellas, books and other items in the trunk itself except valuable items, stationery and paper notes. The PERPUSTAM not be responsible for the safety of the goods.

  2. Please speak slowly, if necessary, so as not to cause problems for other users.

  3. Not allowed to eat, drink, smoke, spit or sleep in the library.

  4. Please throw trash into the wastebasket provided.

  5. Not allowed to take pictures in the internal environment of the library or the pictures in the books in the library without the consent of the Director PERPUSTAM.

  6. Forbidden to shift library furniture such as chairs and tables as well as abuse.

  7. Please show your books or reading materials other to task on duty at the counter before entering or leaving the library.

  8. Materials from the reference (level 1) is not allowed to be brought into the loan and the child (ground floor) or vice versa.

  9. Please line up and do not rush in or out at the library.

  10. Book a seat is not allowed and books or stationery that is left on the table or chair more than 15 minutes will be collected by the staff.

  11. Using personal computers and cell phones in the library is prohibited.

  12. Please dress according to the character himself look perfect. Dressed, dirty and shameful is prohibited and workers PERPUSTAM right to stop you if they do not comply with the ethics of the entrance to the library.

  13. Open library time may be amended from time to time and an announcement will be placed at the front entrance to the library.

  14. Parents or guardians must control their children from making noise or harass other users.

  15. Not allowed to bring pets to the library.

  16. Disorderly behavior, gamble or bet, remove dirty and obscene words in the library at the time it is an offense not allowed.

  17. Task PERPUSTAM right to criticize and take appropriate action to library users who violate library rules as stipulated in the enactment of the library.

  18. PERPUSTAM staff willing to help if you encounter any difficulties in using the library.


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