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1) Question : How do I send feedback to PART CORPORATION PUBLIC LIBRARY OF MALACCA?


Answer : Please click and fill in the feedback form available in the Contact Us .

 (You can also contact us on the information contained in that part.)



2) Question : How to get in touch with Management?


Answer : Please click and check the list of Management PERPUSTAM at Profile Management .



 3) Question : How can I search for books online?


Answer : Please click here and enter any word about the title of the book in Search Books Online.



 4) Question : What is the total cost to become an regular member?


Answer : Registration for the category of regular members is free.



 5) Question : The number of books allowed to borrow category Members?


Answer : In the category of regular members can borrow 5 books.



 6) Question : Do must pay a fee to renew regular member category?


Answer : Renewal of regular membership category is free.



 7) Question : Where is the library that I can go if I want to read books or reading materials after 5.00 pm?


Answer : There are two libraries that offer services after 5.00 pm in the Library Community of 1 Malaysia UTC at level 6 and Community Library 1 Malaysia AEON at level 2, AEON Supermarket in Melaka Peringgit.



 8) Question : What services are provided to library users as well as reading materials available in libraries?


Answer : Additional services are mini gym services, Wi-Fi Service, Cyber Services, Tablet Computer Use Services, Service I-Pen, 3D Viewing Room, Bridging Loan For Netbooks, Multi Media Service, Lounge and children's play area.



 9) Question : What is the address for the 'Facebook' PERPUSTAM?


Answer : Please click Facebook PERPUSTAM.



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